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Interview with Jyoti Sondhi

Today we are going to meet a passionate writer of spirituality Jyoti Sondhi, she is writer of a great book “Lightening the Lamp Within” her book is recently launched and getting popularity worldwide day by day. With this book and her personality she is inspiring people around the world to seek the truth and start the journey of spirituality by illuminating darkness of life. Her calmness and serenity reflects from her thoughts and her ideas. She has a wonderful experience of life and here she is sharing some of her precious thoughts with us, so here we go towards the conversation with Jyoti Sondhi…

Me: Life is so beautiful, beautiful earth beautiful people how you will describe that beautiful life, to us?

 Life is beautiful when people live with the laws of nature, in harmony with the universe, use the Law of Attraction and apply it in their life with positive thoughts and feelings; when they have learnt to be still, be with themselves in faith and gratitude. This is a life of acceptance, of love without negative emotions that pull a lot of us down, without ego and manipulations that keeps the mind churning thoughts one after another.
Me: Peace and calm of a soul is depicted in the life of that person, how yours peaceful and calm soul affect positively the life of yours and your dear ones?

When we learn to handle stressful situations calmly, we emit energy vibrations of that frequency. After my spiritual awakening, everything around me changed. As I was calm and in peace, I feel I had an influence on my children and brought about a positive change in their behavior.
Me: How your childhood was and which things of your childhood, you still remember and you never forget?

I had a great childhood brought up by loving and caring parents. My parents were conservative and ritualistic but I received a secure home.
Me: How’s your relationship with your parents and how do they understand you?

Great! I lost my father in 1993 and I understand and get along with my mother very well. Although we live in different countries, emotionally we feel connected. I have grown spiritually in a different way than her and at times I find myself guiding my mother to look at issues with a different spiritual perspective.
Me: Friends are there as an important parts of life how you will describe your relationship with friends what kind of support they offered you in life?

Although I have moved countries very often in my life, I have always been able to make a few very good friends. I have always attracted very good people and my friends have helped me sometimes even without my asking.
Me: Why sometime people around us fail to understand each other?

Ego is too strong to understand other person’s point of view. We spend more time protecting our opinions and beliefs than understanding the other person’s perspectives.
Me: Do you believe in achieving extra ordinary things in life? And is it possible to attain peace and satisfaction in life through achieving such extra ordinary things in life?

 Peace and calm are a state of your inner world. With that state, you can achieve wherever you put your thoughts, actions and focus. Your intention will determine whether you will continue to live in that internal state or not.
Me: How’s your relationship with your kids? So they like your work and appreciate that, to what extent?


I have two lovely children and my relationship with them has become much stronger after my inner connection developed. They love and respect both of us. It is now not based on need or control but unconditional love. I no longer feel that I need to control them the way traditionally parents do.
Me: What was the moment when you actually decide to become a writer?

It was not a deliberate decision. I have never had any aspirations to be a writer. I was just flowing with the divine wisdom and felt I needed to put it in writing. That was the start of my blog. It is only after some people read the blog and gave me this idea that I should put all these inspirations in a book.
Me: What was your inspiration to be a writer?

My inner Truth! It came to me as a divine inspiration.
Me: Do you believe that a writer is a philosopher in his self?

Depends how you describe a philosopher. An inspirational writer may or may not be a philosopher. I don't consider myself as a philosopher but simply as a channel for knowledge that already exists in the universe.
Me:  Writer is always a strong observer of the surrounding, what are the things which enhance and help in your observation of life?

 My writing is not research based but has come from within. Having said that, I am able to observe the blockages and hurdles in spiritual growth in others and sometimes in my own nature. What helps me is the ability to remain calm and connected when observing people and surroundings.
Me: “Lightening the lamp within” how you will describe that title briefly?

As a part of many religious rituals, we light a lamp in a place of worship. This lamp symbolizes an action to still our minds, to spread the light and warmth of spiritual wisdom inside us. The book is about practical ways of doing exactly that i.e. living a spiritually enriched life. The title suggests that by lighting the lamp inside us we can connect to our inner Truth and remove the negativities within ourselves, get freedom from our beliefs that hold us, neutralize ego that creates an illusion of separation from the Divine. Once we remove our blockages, we can live in joy, clam and peace.

Me: You are strong believer of spirituality, do you think that spirituality is itself a religion or not?

Different religions offer various paths of the same spiritual journey.

You can call it by whatever name! Spirituality is an inner journey and an individual one. If your inner connection gives you calm and peace, live in faith and gratitude and you have been released of your negative thoughts and emotions and you feel love from within, released the beliefs that hold you, neutralized the ego then that is spirituality for me. We can help others; show them what we have experienced. We can describe a flower but each one has to smell the flower himself.
Me: You said that one shouldn’t have fear of God but only the love of God, how you will describe this idea?

Love is all there is. We are all elements of love that we can also call energy God. Fear and Love are the same energy on different vibrations. Fear prevents us from feeling our connection with the Divine. When our inner world is full of Divine love, there is no place for fear.
Me: Do you believe in God and don’t you think one should peacefully follow the religion which gives a rightist concept of God?

All religions lead to the same Truth. We can call this Truth by any name. For me my inner connection to the Divine Source gives me eternal joy, faith and gratitude. You can do this by following a religion or not. It is an individual choice!
Me: Your book is guide for people to make their life and soul calm and progressive, how far you think people can learn from you book, the way as you want?

Each person will be touched by the book at the level he/she is ready to receive it. It all depends upon how open they are. All I am attempting is to make them aware so that they can observe themselves, be vigilant of their hurdles and learn to neutralize them.
Me: The dream of your life was your book or something else?

I had never thought of writing a book even till two years back. It just happened on its own very suddenly.
Me: What is the passion of your life, writing or something else?

Well, I was passionate about teaching French to my students. Right now, it is difficult to say what my passion is as I am going with the flow. I know the Universe is leading me to where I need to.
Me: How you will describe Love and what’s it importance in life?

Love is all there is! Only when love is without expectations can one give unconditionally love. That is the Love that can break down all barriers between people.
Me: Which is your greatest wish in life?

That I continue to progress in my spiritual journey.
Me: Have you been conscious of people that what they think about you and how they feel about you, the kind of opinion others have for you , actually affects your life or not?
Actually no! I live with integrity and am true to myself. So there are people who might think that I am not diplomatic enough but I accept that as my mind is calm and in peace.
Me: fill in the blank “I keep on thinking about __________”

 “I keep on thinking about Divine Source”
Me: Your message for all the readers of yours?

Get in touch with your inner being by observing few minutes of silence from thoughts. Be aware of your feelings.
Rapid fire favorites:

Favorite color: Green

Favorite book: Lighting the Lamp Within (!)

Favorite film: I have no favorites

Favorite actor: No favorites

Favorite actress: No favorites

Favorite sport: No favorites

Favorite place: New Zealand

Favorite quotation: Ego and spirituality cannot go together

Favorite writer: Eckhart Tolle

Favorite politician: Not interested

Favorite dress code: depends on the situation

Favorite personality: My husband

Favorite time pass: Time is passing by so I don’t pass time (!)

thanks for your time and thoughts Jyoti Sondhi it is great to know so many interesting things about you,its so much inspiring and truthful. 
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